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At Brehm, everything revolves around you!

With a workforce of more than 300 skilled specialists, we have been manufacturing precision turned parts and assemblies for numerous branches of industry for decades. We are one of the leading manufacturers in this specialist field.

"Quality, faithfulness to deadlines and price competitiveness!"

This was the corporate philosophy of our founder, Gottlieb Brehm, a philosophy that remains just as valid now as it was then.

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Working For You

Partner to industry

Brehm precision parts are deployed wherever quality and precision are essential: in the automotive, mechanical engineering and plant engineering industries, in pneumatics and hydraulics, control engineering, precision mechanics, the aerospace industry and many other fields.

So when can we become a partner of yours?



High standards: how we attain and maintain them

Our clients decide our future.
The performance of our company is defined by us.
Being a boss means being a role model.
Every claim must be preceded by performance.
Self-satisfaction is a dangerous state of mind.
All work must be performed correctly from the word go.
We must learn from our mistakes.
Fault prevention is more important than fault clearance.
We only deliver flawless products to our customers.
Solve problems – don't look for people to blame.
We protect the environment.



Environmental Policy

Environmental aspects and energy efficency: We do care

We pledge continued improvement of environmental performance, energy-related performance and avoidance of environmental pollution.

Through defined procurement guidelines we ensure that energy-efficient products and services are supported.

By involving employees in scheduled and controlled processes pertaining to environmental aspects and energy efficency, we ensure continued improvement.

Through continued improvement everyone contributes to environmental and energy friendly processes.