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The performance, reliability, and economy of ultra-modern mass-produced products, depends more and more on the quality and precision of the parts used to make them. This is especially true for precision turned parts, which fulfil crucial safety functions in a multitude of assemblies and systems.

Whatever the task may be, you'll find the right partner in us. For reliable partners are crucial to your success – and you can rely on us!

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Turned Parts

Ready-to-install precision turned parts

We manufacture ready-to-install precision turned parts with diameters ranging from 3 to 65 mm. And we produce large runs with diameters of up to 32 mm on more than 50 automatic multi-spindle lathes.

Materials we turn

We machine free-cutting, case-hardened, structural and heat-treated steels, rustproof and acid-resistant steels, high-speed steels, nickel, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, nickel silver and aluminium.

Heat treatments

We use a whole range of different heat treatment methods: case, tenifer, inert-gas and induction hardening, quenching and tempering, nitrocarburising, nitriding and deep-freezing.

Surface treatments

The range of surface treatments we use on steels takes in galvanising, nickel-plating, chromium-plating, silver-plating, phosphating, burnishing, chemical nickel-plating, anodising and hard coating.



Fully assembled ready for use

We supply complete assemblies – including manufacturing and procuring all component parts – that are ready for use and, on request, function-tested. We also design and build all necessary mounting devices ourselves.



From the idea through to production

Right from the development phase of new products, we proactively support our clients with our manufacturing know-how and, if requested, provide them with prototype components for use under series-production conditions.

Careful production planning

We lay the foundations for precision and quality right from the production planning phase by employing FMEA, producibility analyses and CAD. Our own toolmaker's shop guarantees the design and manufacture of high-quality tools, fixtures, jigs and special-purpose machines.

Massive range of machining processes

Whatever your requirements, we master a host of different machining processes that enable us to solve your problems - using the very latest technologies for all production fields.



Precision production on modern machinery

Our diverse machinery enables us to manufacture high-quality precision turned parts for demanding applications: automatic multi-spindle lathes for turning diameters of up to 32mm, CNC machine tools and rotary indexing machines; machine tools for turning, polygonal turning, drilling, reaming, thread cutting, thread rolling, milling, grinding, honing, lapping and brushing.

Vibratory-grinding and blasting systems, electrochemical deburring and other deburring techniques are also available.

Thanks to our excellently equipped toolmaker's shop, we are able not only to provide our production department with the best equipment for the job but also to make mounting and testing devices ourselves.

Optimum production groups

Our machinery is divided up into optimum groups from which we can offer the most suitable machine for each particular part to be made. Through carefully planned, logical and expedient linking-up of several machines to create production groups, we achieve a high level of efficiency and economy while maintaining a consistently high level of precision in production.

Well-equipped specialists as partners

And for production processes we aren't able to perform ourselves, we have a large number of partners on hand in close proximity to our plant, who provide us with reliable support. This enables us to provide you with top quality products all from a single supplier – us!
In and around Ulm!


Quality Management

Qualified team

Our team is highly qualified and flexible – each and every one of us an expert in his or her field. Specialisation and many years of experience result in slick, rational and better working methods. A well-practised and efficient team in whose hands the multivarious tasks of a demanding, wide-ranging clientele are assured to be well looked after.

Quality management system

We are accredited in accordance with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. Our corporate philosophy is "Zero Errors".